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Internet Security, ShieldVPN

A new and smart way to keep your data safe.

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About Our VPN

Smart security solution to cover all your needs

We believe that everyone should have access to an open web and be able to maintain their privacy online. In order to achieve this, we put a heavy focus on making our powerful security technology accessible and simple to use.

The virtual space of the Internet can be filled with hard-to-see pitfalls, where one careless click could expose important data or infect your computer with malware. Our VPN client protects you from malicious sites that can harm your computer.

You can use a VPN to provide a secure connection between your device and an Internet server, so that no one can monitor the data you exchange.

Why Choose Us?

What ShieldVPN has to offer?


Twice the protection

We take care of you not once – but twice! Our encryption does double the work.


Blazing connection speeds

Did you know that we have a 1 Gbps network? That means that you get quick speeds and no streaming interruptions!


User friendly

Quicker setup with a user friendly client that is the same for all of your devices.

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A safe way to go online

Why defend yourself with our ShieldVPN?

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